Monday, April 9, 2012

Let me call you sweetheart

It's a rather odd experience sending a birthday card to someone we've never met.  Specifically, someone that we anticipate will be our daughter.  First, I looked up "happy birthday" in Lithuanian.  But I know GoogleTranslate is a fickle, fickle beast, so I also checked out a few other sites.  All three had different variations.  I went with Lithuanian Out Loud, because Jack and Raminta are da bomb.  Plus, they're actual human beings, one of whom is an actual native speaker.   Then the next question--do we just say "Happy Birthday" or do we say, "Happy birthday, sweetie"?  Because, you know, she's our little girl.  But then again, is it weird to call someone sweetie when they don't know you?  And what if I screw it up and use the masculine form of sweetie?  (Again, I deferred to the collective wisdom of Jack and Raminta.)  When I asked the Winemaker if we should add on a term of endearment, he wrinkled his eyebrows at me becomingly, then said yes.  We should say Happy birthday sweetie.  So I did.

Phew.  Parenting is exhausting. 

(little joke, there.) 

Then I did my own becoming eyebrow thing at the Winemaker and asked if I could cannabalize two awards from his former job in order to frame some prints I just had made of the photos we got from the Children's Home.  Cheap is the new thrifty, right?  Perfectly good frames sitting in a box for years on end, when they could be sitting on our dresser, surrounding two serious and sweet little faces.  So that's all taken care of.  Logging off now, to go stare at their pictures.

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