Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Know What Else is Not For Sissies?

Parenting.  Adopting.
Taking your busy life as a full time teacher --with a husband who runs a garage winery--and a very needy aging father--and adding two kids who have survived more trauma than I can imagine to the mix.

THAT is not for sissies.
So I'll be blogging about that too. 

Every since we got the call (about 3 years sooner than we expected, God help us), I've been compulsively reading adoption blogs.  I started with Lithuanian adoption blogs, as that's where we're adopting from.  I was trying to glean hints about what to expect over the next few months. as we tackle the next big round of paperwork, make travel arrangements, and then (gulp) meet the kids.  Then I got into post-adotion blogs.  There are some amazing writers out there who are fearless in sharing their stories.  I can, and have, spent HOURS devouring their words.  I can't write like that.  I have no idea if I can parent like that.  But there is enormous power in sharing experiences, especially experiences that make you feel isolated if you can't find anyone else who has been there. 

So here I go.  Is that a weird mix?  Aging parents and international adoption?  I have a feeling that it is not that uncommon of a combo, actually.  Many adoptive parents are a bit older--either our biological clocks were in a different time zone, or our first attempts at starting a family didn't go as planned.  So our parents are also older.  At any rate, I'm writing this blog 95% for myself, so I guess it doesn't matter if it's kishmish*.  See, I can even transliterate colloquial Latvian, and you can't stop me.

*a big mixed-up mess; literally, porridge.  I so loved this phrase that I never learned the actual term one would use if one didn't want to sound like a 2 year old.

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