Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Remember what I said about saying something?

The first anniversary of my mom's death was a week and a half ago. 

In today's mail, I got two sympathy cards.  One was from a woman I worked for in college, decades ago and a long ways away.  We exchange Christmas cards, and when I saw her handwriting on the envelope I thought, "Oh, maybe Fleur's getting a little confused and when she got my card, thought she hadn't sent me one yet."  But in my card, I had mentioned mom's death early in 2011, and Fleur, wise and kind woman that she is, knew that the right thing to do was say something, even though a year had gone by. 

The other wasn't a sympathy card per se, but another dear old friend that we communicate with once a year had gotten the news in this year's letter from us, and expressed her sympathy in her letter back. 

They both did right.

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  1. I appreciate this post Wendy. Until recently, I have felt totally inept and unprepared to know how to offer any sort of comfort to those who had their family members die.

    I got a gentle lesson. And for those who did it right, I want to etch on my brain how to do it right in the future.

    It shouldn't be so mystifying to know how to offer comfort to the grieving. I appreciate what you have written here.

    now back to staying up way too late.